Internships are meant for some practical practice that you could add as an asset to your resume.  Unluckily, only few people get this opportunity to acquire a really handy experience.  More often, people get a hold of what we can refer to as part time job, paid for insignificant yet laborious tasks.  Organizations hire them to get their most protracted tasks to be done in low budget.

How to identify such employers:

  • They are out of context employers. No identity as large firms, no mark on yellow pages
  • They are open to be accessed by anyone, correlated or unrelated to job descriptions
  • They throw flyers in campuses, pulling masses
  • They offer you attractive benefits
  • They are not interested in your skills, your expertise, your experiences, your goals
  • They do not clarify your future assigned tasks
  • They do not demand a proper application for the post
  • They put you on sales paid for commission
  • They agree to pay you a lot of money

You get money, you get work to do, you get practice but futile in the sense that you do not get the authentic practical experience that could kindle your future prospects.  

Avoid getting such invaluable, ineffective category of experience and focus on a vigorous resume-building skill with US, with USITplus.

With USITplus, you get the real internship offer. We do not just forward your resumes to employers rather we polish our candidates before displaying them in our job seekers showcase.  We have a list of disciplines where we provide with training to our applicants and then arrange an in-house interview for them to get hired. Since the beginning of this program, we have a list of 30 plus successful candidates employed by large organizations for a healthy experience. Our Internship positions may be in disciplines such as:

  • Application development
  • Quality assurance
  • Business analysis

With us, with USITplus it is valid experience of working.

If you want a constructive internship experience in any of the related disciplines, please get in touch with us at your earliest convenience