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15 November 2016 Chicago,Illinois In Class 6 Days $1,000

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This will be heavy hands-on course with basic Java covered in first 3-4 sessions and covering most of Selenium in remaining 3-4 sessions. Each session will have homework, which will be due by following Friday. There will be a small mid-term after Java sessions. Mid term will contain few MCQs or short answers and a choice of a small group project or individual assignment as a part of the mid term. Mid term exam-coding assignment will be judged on the correctness of the project structure, functionality and coding standards.


Session-1: Introduction to Java, Eclipse setup, Compiling and running using Eclipse, Declarations and Access Controls (Declaring a class, Interface, constants, Variable declarations, Access modifiers, Non-access modifiers, Constructor declarations, Enums)

 Session-2: OOPS concepts (Encapsulations, Inheritance – IS-A and HAS-A relationship, Polymorphism- overriding and overloading, Variable casting, Implementing an interface), Operators – arithmetic, logical, conditional and instanceOf operators

 Session-3: Arrays, intro to Garbage Collection, Flow Controls (if-else, switch case), Loops (for, while, do-while, break & continue), Exception handling (try-catch, finally, intro to caught vs. un-caught exceptions, Debugging code.

 Session-4: Strings, Dates, intro to ArrayLists, Maps and Sets. Intro to HTML, inspecting web pages and finding elements, intro to Selenium, downloading & using Selenium IDE, firebug, creating script using Selenium IDE

Session-5: Intro to Selenium WebDriver, creating scripts using Eclipse/ JUnit & WebDriver, accessing links, tables using id, name and XPath, Selenium- Actions, different keyboard and mouse events, file uploads

Session-6: Handling dropdowns, Alerts, intro to TestNG, TestNG reporting, screen shots, Logging using Log4j & review

* Full Tution fee is due and is non-refunded after attanding 2nd class*

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